Amity Parks, “Be Fearless – A Way of Working Without Worry”, October 26-28, 2018

Imagine having time dedicated to focusing and exploring a series of works that combine meaningful words and images in multiple ways. Our focus will be on layout and design, layering lettering techniques, combining text and images, and most importantly learning to work on multiple pieces at once in order to overcome the ‘fear’ we develop when the investment is focused on a single precious piece. The freedom of multiples allows us to take more chances, to do the unexpected and not settle on the first solution to a problem. By working in a series we forget the preciousness of each piece knowing that not everyone will be successful, and embracing that freedom to make mistakes.

Throughout the class we will employ a variety of techniques, such as painting, drawing, collage, and image transfer incombination with our calligraphy. While not strictly a lettering class, we will incorporate our calligraphy throughout the process. Layering, masking and photo transfer techniques with a variety of mixed media allow for risk taking and experimentation as we discuss layout principles and make thoughtful design choices.

You will work in a small scale in multiples, focusing on the development of a series of work, refining your designs and the integration of images, words and letters into your pages. You will explore how to incorporate personal meaning into your pieces, and why this is necessary tocreate work that tells a compelling story. The class includes a discussion on the importance of choosing words you want to spend time with and playing with ways of combining text and image that are not only interesting to look at, but add meaning to your work, avoiding the obvious and respecting your audience enough to leave some of the mystery for them to solve.

By the end of class you should have a few resolved final pieces, a pile full of work that needs more attention and the skills to go back to your studios equipped with a way of working without worrying!

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