“Brush textures and embossing” with Loredana Zega, September 20-22, 2019 at 9AM-5PM


A brush is a very unique, responsive and gentle tool, which can be used for calligraphy backgrounds or a final artwork. With the patterns and transparent paths of the brush, one can enjoy all the advantages that it offers.We will build designs by exploring textures with the brush by making numerous layers of letters and changing positions. This effect is really breathtaking! In addition to dry brush, we will learn how to incorporate a small text – written with smaller nibs that are familiar to you – into your final design. We will also be learning a few embossing techniques that involve colors, metal leaves and different pressures to enhance the embossing effect. This too could be added to your final piece!

WHEN: September 20, 21 & 22, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 9AM – 5 PM

WHERE: Norwood Sportsman’s Club, 576 Nichols St., Norwood, MA


Loredana Zega is a passionate Slovenian Calligrapher with an English National Diploma in Calligraphy, held by CLAS (The Calligraphy and Lettering Art Society), passed with Distinction. She is experienced in a variety of techniques, surfaces and alphabets. Her passion is the flat brush, besides dance and theatre. She is representing her passion for letters through her Musical “A day of a calligrapher”.

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