The following list of calligraphers offer their services for hire. If you are a member of Masscribes and wish to edit/remove/add your entry, please email us at

Name Info Contacts
Yvonne Ashworth-Thayer
Awards, certificates, wedding envelopes, birth announcements, poetry and prose.
North Grafton, MA
(508) 308-4433
Sue Avola
Primarily: envelope addressing & placecards. Other services: certificates, diplomas, awards, poems, quotes, birth plaques & greeting cards.
Westborough, MA
Elissa Barr
I am a calligrapher located in the Brookline and Boston area with 30 years of experience. I specialize in hand lettering of place cards, addressing envelopes, Family Trees, Documents, Poems and Gifts, creating Calligraphic designs and artwork in both Hebrew and English lettering. Graphic Design for business cards, CDs, brochures and more. Please contact me for an estimate on your project.
Hebrew and English Hand Lettering including Italic, Batard, Gothic, Uncial, pointed pen and a number of contemporary styles.
Brookline, MA
Valerie Anne Bassett
I fell in love with letters when I was a child. Cursive hand writing was one of my favorite subjects in Elementary School. I am very sad to know that it is no longer being taught in grade school. Letter forms are graceful and there is nothing more meditative than doing Calligraphy. I work as an artist and oil painter and I work on my Calligraphy whenever time permits. I have studied with Suzanna Moore and a few other advanced letter artists over the last 30 years. I hope to continue learning and perfecting my letter forms. I teach beginner Italic and work as a freelance Calligrapher in MA.
Italic, Gothic and Copperplate
Northampton, MA
Lydia Batten
Skilled in:Italic, Roman Caps, Copperplate, Gothic; Commissions; wedding/events invitations & envelopes; vellum; gold leaf, 3D crafts
Kathleen Borkowski
i love letters! And I enjoy using calligraphy in all my creative endeavors including: collage, fabric painting, drawing, screen printing, painting and computer art.
Addressing – Monograms – Poetry – Scripture – Illumination – Custom Presentation Pieces
Jan Boyd
For over 25 years, Jan has continually studied art and calligraphy in local and national classes. She has studied extensively with many inspirational artists and calligraphers including Sheila Waters, Julian Waters, Peter Thornton, Michael Sull, Reggie Ezell, Nancy Culmone and Sharon Zeugin. She thrives on the notion that the more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is to know, and is excited with new discoveries and fresh energy at every turn.
While Jan’s studio is Boston based, she enjoys working with customers from all over the United States and around the world.
Invitations, envelopes, place cards, seating boards, awards, citations, diplomas – using many lettering styles and hand mixed colors.
West Roxbury
Chris Carfaro
Claire Carney-Griffin
I fell in love with the art of calligraphy while attending MassArt in 1982 and have pursued it since. After earning my BFA in design, I continued my studies in letter arts with Nancy Culmone, Ward Dunham, Reggie Ezell, Gerry Jackson Kerdock. The knowledge I gained from each of these artists has been invaluable. I find that I continue to learn and experience more with practice as well as sharing what I’ve learned with others.
Expressive calligraphy honoring life’s big moments, weddings, births, anniversaries, significant events. Reasonable rates. Prompt service.
Robin Carroll
Wedding envelopes addressed; announcements; certificates; custom quotes & gifts; watercolor design; lettering on mats for framed images
Connie Chen
Master Penman based in Framingham: Calligraphy lessons, wedding vows, wedding envelopes, place cards, invitation design; Certificates, diplomas, baptism certificates; Bible verses customized into silhouettes
Engrosser’s Script, Copperplate, Spencerian, Ornamental Penmanship; German Text, Old English Script, Gothic Script
Boston Metrowest
Bill Clark
Specializing in graceful Italic, elegant Copperplate, and a variety of Contemporary Scripts. 
Diane Desautelle
Diane McDougall-Desautelle, a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, studied calligraphy, painting, printmaking, bookbinding, graphic design – and now specializes in custom wedding calligraphy & design with a celtic influence.
Calligraphy & hand lettering; celtic knotwork; gilding; decorative painting; handmade greeting cards and books; commemorative plaques.
Boston Metrowest
Rachel Diamond-Calow
Born in Montreal, I relocated to the US over 20 years ago. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA.honors in Art History and have been fascinated by calligraphy since I was 16.
Envelopes, seating charts, place cards, Ketubot, poetry, family trees, vows, speciality gifts, certificates, quotes & cards.
Sharon D. Eisman
Professional lettering. Personal & corporate. Custom invitations, envelopes, place cards…. Commissioned originals & reproduction art.
Dave Flattery
Custom designs, certificates, sign painting, outdoor work, envelopes, seating charts, etc. Willing to experiment on odd surfaces.
Sue Funk
Lettering for ~ Wedding, Mitzvot, Anniversary; Invites, Envelopes, Seating Charts, Table Toppers; Diplomas, Certificates, Scrolls, Poetry +
978.263.8330 (office); 508.331.1591 (cell)
Nancy Galligan
Mary Grassi
All-occasion invitations, envelopes, seating charts, etc. Also collage, photo transfers, mixed media, handmade journals & artists books.
Maryanne Grebenstein
Maryanne is a calligrapher, book designer and teacher in the Boston area. Contact her at for information regarding calligraphy projects, trips for museum visits – both domestic and international – and calligraphy courses. She conducts classes in her studio in Hingham, at North Bennet Street School in Boston and several museums/schools in the Boston and Washington DC areas. Visit her two websites at and
Hand Lettered Awards, Museum Visits, and Calligraphy Classes
Judy Hadley
Envelope addressing, place cards & other wedding materials. I also enjoy calligraphic creations of poems, quotations and special projects.
Tara Hall
I’m a freelance graphic & web designer, providing pointed pen and brush pen calligraphy.
Adam Paul Heller

Adam Paul Heller’s professional experience with letter carving began in 1998 with a three-year apprenticeship at the John Steven’s Shop in Newport Rhode Island. Among other projects Adam has participated in carving inscriptions for the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., Boston Museum of Fine Arts, & Brown University, while working with Nicholas Benson and Karin Sprague. As well as running his own stone-carving studio, Adam teaches stone carving classes throughout the year. 

Hand carved stone. Memorials, gravestones, garden art, fountains, sculpture, bookends, art. Stone carving instruction. Commissions accepted.For information on commissioning a stone please visit Adam’s website:

West Warwick
Paula Howard
Envelope addressing in various hands, hand-lettered signs, poems & greeting cards.
C.J. Kennedy
From awards, diplomas & poems to tattoo designs to professional organization histories, C.Js calligraphy transforms ordinary into special.
(774) 276-2324
Gerry Jackson Kerdok
Work includes a range from corporate awards to baby announcements. Specialty: wedding programs & seating scrolls with watercolor flowers.
Teresa Laffey
I received my BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1980 with a concentration in the fine arts of painting and drawing, illustration and teaching. Since then I have taken several classes in Calligraphy concentrating on mastering several different letter forms, fonts and creating works of art incorporating many different letter forms, collage, and gold leaf. I work at Harvard University and my skills in calligraphy are often used for special events, bookplates, invitations, addressing envelopes and Certificates of Appreciation. I have done a lot of calligraphy for several weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, birth announcements, party invitations, poems, Certificates of Appreciation, diplomas and book covers. I design my own greeting cards.I have exhibited my work in several galleries since graduation.
Suzanne Lee
As a fashion designer Suzanne lived in NYC and worked in the Orient for 25 years and is very influenced by Asian art, and calligraphy from all over the world. She has taught calligraphy for many years and studied with contemporary masters such as Yves Leterme, Yukimi Annand, Dan Mooney and Georgia Angelopoulos. The lakes gallery at chi-lin has been in existence since 1981, representing established contemporary New England and Asian artists. The studio offers workshops in calligraphy and handmade books in a beautiful 1780 farmhouse.
Calligraphy in traditional & contemporary fonts, gold leaf & botanicals. Specializing in custom work & handmade books for all occasions.
C.A. Millner
Dan Mooney
I am Dan Mooney and I reside in Quincy, Massachusetts where I have a studio as well in Hanover, Massachusetts where I practice my passion as a lettering artist.
Private commissions are always welcome.
See my work at and
Gilding, Illumination, Wedding Invitations, Addressing envelopes, Certificates, Awards, Poetry, Fine Art, Classes & workshops
Greater Boston Area
Sharon Morgera

I began my career as a commercial lettering artist in 1989 after a 2-year apprenticeship with internationally known penman Raphael Boguslav. After perfecting my hand, I developed a thriving calligraphy business in Newport, RI designing invitations, menus and seating scrolls.

My lifelong interest in illustration led to work in Natural Science Illustration at RISD and since then I have added botanicals to many of my pieces. My custom maps have become known for their uniqueness in both lettering and drawing style.

Hand-lettered scripts, italics, custom fonts. Invites, envelopes, scrolls. Custom maps, botanical illustrations. 25 years experience.
Newport & New York
Renee Richard Ouellette
Jane Parillo Rollins
Professional lettering artist with 25 years of experience
Specializing in social calligraphy for invitations, envelope addressing, menus programs and seating scrolls. I also accept commissions for resolutions and fine art.
Roman, Uncial, Blackletter, Bookhand, Italic, Modern adaptations, script.
East Greenwich
Rick Paulus
In my studio by the sea, I continue to explore the alphabet in expanding ways. I have enjoyed working with letters for over 40 years, and still they fascinate and challenge me. It is a wonderful marriage! Professionally, I enjoyed a successful career in Washington, DC, beginning as a certificate inscriber at the legendary Tolley Studios, and finishing as Chief Calligrapher of the White House. I continue to create calligraphy and graphics for private and corporate events, as well as commissions for calligraphic pieces of distinction.
30 years experience, culminating as Chief Calligrapher of the White House has prepared me to accept any calligraphy or graphics assignment
Andrea Reno
I am a calligrapher and cake artist in the Boston and North Boston area. I specialize in Wedding Calligraphy, Illumination, Illustration in watercolor and gouache, commercial and event signage, crest and monogram design, parchment craft and heirloom commissions. I provide digitized calligraphy and illustrations when you need it.
Pointed Pen Specialty: Copperplate, Spencerian, Italian Roundhand, Business Writing, Ornamental Penmanship and several contemporary styles.
Broad Pen Specialty: Roman, Uncial, Italic, Foundational and French Roundhand.
Everett, MA
(312) 9373215
Chris Roberts
I am a watercolorist and calligrapher who does envelopes, invitations, calligraphed pieces…
Carole Campbell Roy

Carole established Calligraphy For your Fancy in 1995 and loves lettering, writing, and illustration. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and Letterform from UMass Dartmouth and is pretty easy to get along with. She served Masscribes as president (and co-president) from 2003 to 2011.

Writing styles include copperplate, pointed pen variations, broad edged italic, blackletter and uncial, & brush lettering.

Invitation design & envelope addressing, seating scrolls, awards, citations and poems, artist’s books and fine art.
Linda Salamon
Linda Salamon learned the art of calligraphy while studying Medieval History & Art at the University of Iowa. Offering calligraphy for Ketubot, Wedding Vows, Invitations, Envelope Addressing, Placecards, Table Signs, Seating Charts, etc. Also offering Hand Scribed and Illuminated Hand Bound Books.


Jorica Stockwell
I am available for a variety of commissions and also for teaching classes and individual tutoring. Family trees, certificates, maps, custom quotes, personalized greeting cards, diplomas, logos, monograms, signs, etc. I love combining my calligraphy with photographs (yours or mine) as backgrounds and also with woodburning.
Mary Teichman
Over 25 years of experience as a professional calligrapher, specializing in illustrated calligraphic projects including: Quaker Wedding Certificates, Citations, Illuminated letters, Illustrated poetry, Honorary Degrees, Gilding, Custom Invitations, envelopes, seating charts, etc.
Please visit my website:
Cynthia Towle
Calligraphy for Invitations, Poems, Awards, Announcements, Birth Certificates, etc.
Amy Veaner
Over 30 years experience in lettering arts with a BFA in illustration from RISD. Am available to address wedding envelopes, placecards, table numbers and menus.Traditional and modern lettering styles. As a printmaker and fine artist, I do custom work that can incorporate calligraphy layered on top of an original print. Poems, quotes and speciality gifts are options. Other work: logo design that utilizes hand lettering. Lettering on Christmas ornaments. Rubber Stamps. Greeting Cards.
Wedding invitations, logo design, menus, placecards, envelope addressing
Particia White Ingalls
I fell in love with pen and ink in elementary school, during handwriting class. I tried to self teach Calligraphy using various texts but in college and later at the Worcester Art Museum I worked to really improve my skills. I think all life events need to be noted and provide addressing services, escort/place cards as well as various signage for weddings. I will create birth announcements, birthday/anniversary scrolls and more. I have worked on fabric as well as surfaces like mirrors. I try to keep it rea$onable and have worked all over New England. I am located on the Massachusetts -Connecticut border with easy access to Massachusetts, Connecticut an Rhode Island locations. Learning and practicing everyday!