Michael Clark, “Ruling Pen Rules!”, on September 16-17, 2017

Ruling Pen Rules!

This class will explore the myriad possibilities of the ruling pen’s “line.” The class will begin with familiarizing the student with the tool(s). We will move to honing handling skills and then to working with expressive “words.” From there the class will work with word groups and alphabetic compositions and ultimately page texture experiments. A group project will be incorporated into the workshop… a collaborative effort to “effect a phrase;” this exercise will bring home the concept that “first stroke down informs all subsequent decisions.” 

Michael Clark’s Bio

Michael Clark is a lettering artist and type designer. His lettering can be seen on packaging for products ranging from salad dressing to book and CD covers. He also designs fonts for corporations, as well as for resale. He thinks less in terms of particular styles and more in terms of what the word(s) must convey: sloped/upright, angular/rounded, capitals/lower case, smooth/notched etc. He thinks less about style and more about his ABILITY to interpret (or add voice to the word[s]) and design. He’s currently the designer and editor of Scripsit, the journal of the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

Check out his website, http://www.typerror.com/  for some inspiration.

You will need need to mail a $50 deposit to hold your spot. The balance will be due by August 15th.

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