Masscribes General Meeting – December 8, 2018

Please come to our Masscribes Holiday Gathering on December 8, 2018!

This will be an all-day event, which will be divided into three sessions. You can sign up for any or all sessions. Each session will cost $10. The deadline to register is November 25th so sign up right away using the PayPal buttons below! You do not need the PayPal account to register.

You may choose to come in the morning and just stay for lunch or just come for lunch orcome for lunch and stay for the afternoon or come for the whole day! This event is not limited to members but registration is required.
Please make sure you press the “View Cart” button in the bottom of this page and complete checkout after choosing the sessions you plan to attend!

Please email with any registration questions.

Morning session: Not-in-my House Paste Papers, 9 am to 12 noon

Come get really messy and productive! Nancy Galligan will lead the morning Paste Paper session where we will make paste papers using methyl cellulose paste, acrylic paint and Arches Text Wove paper. The morning paste paper session has a limit of 14 participants due to space.

Fee: $10 which includes several sheets of paper, paste and supplies. Additional paper will be available for sale for $2.00 per 20 x 25 inch sheet.

Paste paper supply list:  Apron, a spray bottle- not a mister- but a laundry type spray bottle; 2 large plastic containers (1 quart size), 2 new kitchen sponges, scissors, oil pastels if you have them, colored pencils (not water soluble), soft pastels (like Nu-pastels), acrylic paints in your favorite colors such as Golden or Liquitex- NOT Golden High Flow (Masscribes will provide some basic colors), any mark making tools that you have that are not sharp enough to rip wet paper, money for additional paper (or your own Arches Text Wove if you have some, torn to 13 x 20 inches, quarter sheet size).
SOLD OUT! Please email to reserve a spot on the waiting list.


Lunch: 12:30 to 2 pm

Will be will catered from To Beirut, a local Mediterranean restaurant with grilled chicken and veggies, salad, falafel, humus and pita. Also included are some yummy desserts! Drinks will be provided. Lunch will be $10 per person. (You are also welcome to bring your own lunch if you choose.)


Afternoon session: Binding a Winter Book, 2 to 5 pm

Anna Belkina will guide everyone through binding Arches Text Wove paper into an Ethiopian/Coptic hardcover binding. We will make and pierce signatures, plan the book structure, sew it together and add headbands. Everyone will create the same basic book and then make it truly yours with lettering, mark making and decorations over the winter months. We will reconvene at our Spring meeting to see how each book morphed into a unique creation of calligraphic art.

Fee: $10 includes book board, thread, 2 half-sheets of ATW, needles, and a piercing cradle. If you decide to make a thicker book, an additional half-sheet will be available for $2.00.

Book Binding Supply list: awl, long sturdy ruler to tear paper, an X-acto knife with a sharp point, a mat or some thick cardboard (8×11.5” piece is enough),  bonefolder (if you have one), desk light with extension cord.

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