Masscribes, Inc. is a New England based calligraphy organization with members in Massachusetts and the other New England states who share a common interest in calligraphy and related arts. Our goal is to help keep hand lettering alive and to support those with a passion for letters. Masscribes holds hands-on workshops, hosts educational programs, exhibits and social gatherings.

Masscribes, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization to foster an awareness of calligraphy, provide instruction and education opportunities, and to create a network of fellow lettering artists. Today, Masscribes remains a strong and vibrant calligraphy organization with over 150 members. We welcome all who share a love of letters, calligraphy and related paper arts. Membership is open to all skill levels, from professionals to hobbyists with even a mild curiosity in calligraphy.

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