The Masscribes, Inc. Education Grant program was created to assist members to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge of calligraphy, book arts and other related topics. The program is open to any current Masscribes member (eighteen years of age of older) interested in attending a Masscribes sponsored workshop or other calligraphy program. Masscribes only provides partial scholarships. An application must be submitted in accordance with the specified guidelines and is subject to approval by the event sponsor and the Masscribes Board of Officers. The event  applied for must be financially viable. The application is to be submitted to Masscribes within the registration time of the event, or as early as possible. The grant money will be paid directly to the event in the recipient’s name. Any grants awarded are non-transferable to another individual or event. Applicants will state the reason funds are being sought and how the event, workshop or class could benefit them. All information provided will remain confidential. 

In return grant recipients are asked to submit an article to the next Masscribes newsletter (Inkspots) following the event, describing their experience. Alternate proposals to reciprocate Masscribes will be considered by the board.

If a recipient is unable to attend the event after funds are applied in their name, they will be expected to reimburse Masscribes within six months, unless other arrangements are made. If funds are not repaid, legal action could be taken and Masscribes membership will be terminated.

The Masscribes Education Grant program is supervised by the Masscribes Board of Officers. Once a grant has been applied for and the decision made, the applicant will be notified by the Board. To ensure fairness and equality, members may receive grant assistance only once per calendar year. Funds available for grants are determined by the Board at the beginning of the year. Applications will be accepted throughout the year or until funds are depleted.

Download the SCHOLARSHIP FORM and mail to Masscribes Education Grant, P.O. Box 67132 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.