Pamela Paulsrud, “Sounding the inner landscape: handwriting, mark making and sacred geometry”, April 27, 28 & 29, 2018

I view handwriting and mark making as visual languages emanating from our thoughts and emotions, a remnant of a process. Each line, each stroke, is distinguished by the materials, the mood, the day, the rhythm, the breath—a visual language within a language, a cross between a fingerprint and an EKG, telling not only who we are but also how we are in that moment of time. My intrigue arises not only with line and space, but with heartbeat, breath, and resonance—that energetic quality, that vibration seemingly so elusive.

In this workshop we will begin by investigating the illusive underpinnings in the hidden laws of nature—sacred geometry—exploring these forms and synthesizing the linear with the artistic aspect of pattern and beauty. Step-by-step instructions will be given from which to springboard—pairing graphite and ink with a compass and straightedge. 

Music, meditation, sound and silence will then accompany us as we wend our way through a series of exercises exploring the tempo and voice of our unique story, script, gesture and mark—developing flow—letting go of the familiar long enough to greet the unexpected. We will explore the distinctive and bold expressions of spontaneous marks using walnut and sumi inks and while we’re at it we will explore and extrapolate your handwriting too. 

Selected exercise will be bound into a book structure where further opportunities arise in developing the story.

Pamela Paulsrud is a visual artist. She has been recognized internationally as papermaker, calligrapher, book artist and collaborator creating both intimate pieces and large-scale installations. Her exploration in energy and vibration, letters and lines, her love of the land, the earth and it’s resonance, inspires both her work and her life. She also continues her research and practice in energetic healing modalities-which simultaneously informs her art. She received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago in Interdisciplinary Arts concentrating in Book and Paper.

Pamela’s work has been published in many magazines, books, journals and in several issues of Letter Arts Review and other publications. She teaches workshops in lettering and book arts. She exhibits her work internationally and collaborates with professional artists and the general public on an ongoing project entitled Treewhispers. Treewhispers includes paper-making demonstrations, storytelling and site-specific installations. The project involving handmade paper, art and stories relating to trees as a symbol and resource is shared at www.treewhispers.comand on her personal website 

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